Misalignment teeth can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and even harmful to your dental health. It is harder to clean crooked teeth. 

Dr. Thomas Hodge provides a variety of Orthodontics services in Batesville, MS, Oxford, MS. We treat patients of all ages with various concerns. 

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What Is Orthodontics?

Focusing on Proper Alignment

“Orthos” is a Greek word and is where the term orthodontics comes from. It means proper or straight and ‘odous’ means tooth. It refers to a type of dentistry that specializes in improper bite patterns, also called malocclusions. It also focuses on dental misalignment. Alignment of the teeth and Proper occlusion, is crucial to the long-term health of the gums, jaws and teeth. 

What Does Orthodontics Treat?

Gapped Teeth

Spaces or gaps between the two front teeth or more teeth can be treated with Ortho. 


Overcrowding can lead to overlapping, crooked or jutted teeth. If needed orthodontics can be paired with tooth extraction. 

Teeth Grinding

Orthodontics can address misalignment issues. This will help with chronic teeth grinding or bruxism. 

Crooked Teeth

Orthodontic treatment can maneuver each tooth into proper alignment. Crooked teeth can affect the beauty of your smile. 

Rotated Teeth

If you are affected by twisted or rotated teeth. Orthodontics treatments can apply gradual  pressure to turn the tooth and make it front-facing.  

Misaligned Bite

Bite misalignment issues can include an open bite, overbite, underbite, or crossbite, all of which affect your oral health and appearance.

Our Orthodontic Treatments

ClearCorrect Aligners

Clear Correct Aligners

At Batesville Dentistry, Dr. Hodge can realign your smile with ClearCorrect aligners. They are nearly invisible, comfortable, removable, and, best of all, they work without impacting your daily life. Brush and floss as usual, Eat what you want and get straighter teeth without anyone knowing you’re in treatment

Traditional Braces

Young women smiling with braces

Dr. Hodge at his Batesville dental practice uses traditional braces to rejuvenate a crooked smile. Braces use a standard metal brackets that are placed on your teeth with an adhesive and connected by wire. Every 4-6 weeks They require periodic tightening so steady pressure can gradually straighten your teeth and align your jaw.

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