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Batesville Dentistry offers our patients one visit restorations with an amazing system called the E4D.


E4D is a wonderful technology that allows us to provide you with a new crown in only one visit! The E4D is a computerized CAD/CAM machine that replaced the goop used for making impressions of your tooth/teeth to make traditional crowns. Also, there is no longer the inconvenience of temporary crowns coming loose or second appointments to return for the final crown.


In this economy, wouldn't you rather take only one day off work than two?


How does the E4D system work?


First, your tooth is prepared in the traditional fashion. Then, instead of using goop to take a mold of your mouth, the E4D steps in. A camera is used to take a picture of your teeth and bite and the E4D machine converts these images into a virtual mold of your teeth. From this virtual mold, Dr. Hodge then designs a crown that is custom fitted to your tooth. This provides a superior fit to a crown fabricated in the traditional way. After the crown is designed it is sent to our milling machine in our office which creates the crown out of a solid block of porcelain. After a few minutes your crown is ready to be cemented onto your tooth permanently, giving you a new white tooth in as little as a couple of hours.


If you have any questions about the E4D system, please speak with one of our Batesville Dentistry team members today.