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Do you currently have dentures?

Are your dentures loose?

Do they shift and move?

Are you tired of using adhesives to try to hold them into place?

Are you unable to eat what you want, when you want?

Do you have sore spots or have trouble talking?


No matter how well a denture fits, it will always have some movement, as the denture is not sitting on a solid surface. Most patients will tell you they are not as good as real teeth! A denture is a prosthetic device like an imitation leg for a person who has lost a leg. With time and practice, most patients adapt and can successfully, eat, talk and smile with their dentures. How tightly a denture fits has a lot to do with the size and shape of the gum tissue the patient has. To make things worse, gum tissue tends to shrink as a person gets older.


Mini-implants are a reliable and affordable solution to restore your quality of life. By securing your dentures with mini implants you are able to enjoy the foods you love and feel comfortable and confident about your smile. Eat what you want, and when you want it again with confidence!


Most people can have Mini Dental Implants Placed in the Morning and Enjoy their Favorite Meal the Same Evening!


Simply put, mini dental implants are very small titanium posts which are gently threaded into your jaw bone. The procedure usually involves no cutting of the gum and very little post-op discomfort. Mini Dental Implants cost about ½ the cost of larger, older style dental implants. In most cases, the mini implants can be placed and attached to your denture in the same visit. In a little over 1 hour you can be on your way with a secure denture, and be able to eat and speak much more confidently.


I do not want a denture.

Can Mini Implants hold permanent teeth?

YES! Mini Dental Implants may also be used to hold permanent teeth!


Batesville Dentistry offers our patients mini dental implants for both individual teeth or full dentures to improve their smile and the function of their teeth.